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High Street, Oxford
High Street, Oxford (Photo: Not So Big Media)

Welcome to our Oxford travel section. Here you'll find information on airports, railway routes, coach links and local bus services. Oxford doesn't have an integrated transport system which means local trains and buses operate independently of each other. You can't buy a travel card to use across all types of transport in the city and beyond. See below for some other ticket options.

There is a limited bus service in Oxford during the night with some routes operating to 3am.

Birmingham Airport

Oxford Air Travel

Although Oxford has its own airport just north of the city, there are no commercial flights from there. Instead, Birmingham and London Heathrow airports provide the easiest links, with London Luton airport in the east a further option.

Oxford Railway Station

Oxford Railways

Oxford has relatively good rail links to the rest of the UK. There are direct services to London Paddington, London Marylebone, Southampton, Birmingham and Manchester. The operation of some of these services leaves a lot to be desired though.

Oxford Bus Company

Oxford Road Transport

Oxford is well connected by Road Transport. With improved rail links, coach services between Oxford and London have reduced, but fares have fallen too. Local bus services in the city are operated by the Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach.

The Isis, Oxford

Oxford Waterways

Oxford is rightly proud of its position on the River Thames and both public and private pleasure boats use the water. From local tours along the Isis (the local name for the River at this point) to boat trips to London, there is a lot on offer.

Park and Ride, Oxford

Oxford Driving Information

Driving through Oxford during the morning and evening rush hours is very difficult to say the least! In this section we will feature information on main routes through the city and parking in Oxford.

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