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We warmly welcome feedback, suggestions and comments from our members to help us improve this community website.

What are your favourite places?

Why not tell us about your favourite attractions, hotels, shops, restaurants or bars that you have discovered?

Please be objective; rather than just saying "it's the best place ever", give details of why you like it, the atmosphere of the place and the people who go there. You can even tell us in person when we travel around the country!

What aspect of the city do you like?

We also welcome submissions from local writers, journalists, bloggers, historians and photographers. Each section of our website has space for local articles containing up to four photographs. Why not tell us about an aspect of a city that you like?

Contributions to our photograph, video and postcard galleries are also welcome. We will of course give you a credit on the article or gallery and link back to your own website, blog or twitter account.

Are you a Student?

We welcome participation from students who are studying on a related course, for example Tourism or Media Studies. Why add an article, gallery or video blog as part of your coursework? We will try to assist you as much as we can.

Please contact us with your favourites and ideas. Please give full details of what you would like to submit. Due to limited resources we can only reply if we have full details from you and are able to feature you on our websites.

Job Vacancies

We will be listing any paid positions that we have available here. At the moment we do not have any positions vacant.