Key to the City™, Bath.

The Bath Story

Old Town Walls, Bath
Old Town Walls, Bath

Knowing the story of Bath will hopefully help you enjoy the city more. In this section we will dive into the past, including Bath's origins as a place of Hot Springs, and look at the people of Bath who made the city famous. More articles coming soon.

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Famous People from Bath

Jane Austen Centre, Bath

Bath is the birth place of or home to some well known writers, sport stars, musicians, politicians and artists. We list a few of the most notable here. If you have the time, we urge you to read a little more about each one on the internet.

A Brief History of Bath

King Bladud's Pigs, Bath

The history of Bath revolves around its hot springs. From the legend of King Bladud's pigs, to the baths and temple built by the Romans, to the popular spa town which grew up during the Georgian era, leaving a heritage of wonderful architecture crafted from Bath Stone which we know today.

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