Key to the City™, Nottingham.

The Nottingham Story

Market Square, Nottingham
Market Square, Nottingham

Knowing the story of Nottingham will hopefully help you enjoy the city more. In this section we will dive into the past, including Nottingham's origins as a trading centre, and look at the people of Nottingham who made the city famous. More articles coming soon.

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A Brief History of Nottingham

St Mary and Lace Market, Nottingham
St Mary and Lace Market, Nottingham

In Anglo-Saxon times the area was part of the Kingdom of Mercia, and was known in the Brythonic language as Tigguo Cobauc, meaning Place of Caves. When it fell under the rule of a Saxon chieftain named Snot it became known as 'Snotingaham'; the home (ham) of the tribe (ing) of a leader called Snot.

Famous People from Nottingham

Statue Commemorating Brian Clough, Nottingham

Nottingham is the birth place of or home to some well known writers, sport stars, musicians, politicians and artists. We list a few of the most notable here. If you have the time, we urge you to read a little more about each one on the internet.

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