Key to the City™, Birmingham.

The Birmingham Story

Boulton, Watt and Murdoch Statue, Birmingham
Boulton, Watt and Murdoch Statue, Birmingham

Knowing the story of Birmingham will hopefully help you enjoy the city more. In this section we will dive into the past, including Birmingham's origins as a major manufacturer, and look at the people of Birmingham who made the city famous. More articles coming soon.

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A Brief History of Birmingham

Bull Ring, Birmingham
Bull Ring, Birmingham

Birmingham as a settlement dates from the Anglo-Saxon era. The home (ham) of the tribe (ing) of a leader called Birm or Beorma. Geography played a major role in the transformation of Birmingham from a medium-sized market town into Britain's centre of manufacturing in the 20th century.

Famous People from Birmingham

Statue Commemorating Tony Hancock, Birmingham

Birmingham is the birth place of or home to some well known writers, sport stars, musicians, politicians and artists. We list a few of the most notable here. If you have the time, we urge you to read a little more about each one on the internet.

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