Key to the City™, Oxford.

Oxford Nightlife

New Theatre, Oxford
New Theatre, Oxford (Photo: Not So Big Media)

Oxford isn't really known as a late night city. Park End Street is the main area of the city for bars and clubs but Cowley Road is busy too. There's also a wide selection of restaurants, in popular areas like George Street and Oxford Castle in the city centre or travel up to Jericho for some of the city's best. Finally, why not take in a show at the New Theatre or see a concert by the Oxford Philomusica.

Oxford Entertainment Venues

Oxford Playhouse
Oxford Playhouse

Theatres, concerts and cinemas

Oxford has several large venues which draw visitors from the region. The New Theatre attracts large scale touring shows. Of note is the Oxford Playhouse, which presents and produces a wide range of live performance.

Oxford Restaurants

Oxford has a wide selection of restaurants, with many national chains moving into the city. There are though plenty of great independent restaurants too, especially in the Jericho and Cowley Road areas. Popular dining areas are Oxford Castle with its outdoor seating and George Street by the New Theatre.

George Street, Oxford

City Centre

The city centre is full of well known restaurants, bars and pubs. Check out Oxford Castle with its outdoor seating or George Street close to the New Theatre.

Little Clarendon Street, Oxford

Inner City

There are quite a few good restaurants in Inner City Oxford. In Jericho, Little Clarendon Street and Walton Road dominate. Over in the east, Cowley Road is the popular place to head to for a bite to eat.

Oxford Pubs, Bars and Clubs

Saturday night is Oxford's main night out though the large student population keeps the partying going through the week too. The busiest bars and clubs can be found in the West End area, especially around Park End Street, with many in the Cowley Road area too.

Atik, Oxford

City Centre: West End

This is the main area of Oxford's Nightlife, including Park End Street, Hythe Bridge Street and Oxford Castle, popular for outdoor drinking.

Cowley Road, Oxford

Inner City: Cowley Road

Located just south east of the city centre, Cowley Road is home to a wide range of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Oxford Casinos and Late Night Ents

This section lists the popular casinos in Oxford and also features any other late night entertainment available in the city.

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