Key to the City™, Chester.

The Lowdown on Chester

The High Cross, Chester
The High Cross, Chester (Photo: Not So Big Media)

Chester is a small and compact city and easy to get around. A working city, locals and tourists mix happily in the bustling streets. In this section we'll give you an outline of how the city works.

The Layout of Chester

We think that the easiest way to find your way around a city is to choose a centre point and then divide the city into smaller districts. For Chester our centre point is The High Cross at the junction of Bridge Street and Watergate Street. From here you can get to anywhere in the city centre within ten minutes.

We have divided Chester into easy to find districts, and each district is divided into smaller chunks too. The areas are: the City Centre, compact and including the main attractions of the City Walls, Chester Cathedral and the Rows; the Inner City, home to Chester railway station, guest houses and Minerva's Shrine; Bath Suburbs, the city's outskirts and home to Chester Zoo; and finally West Cheshire, the outlying villages and towns of the city.

Bridge Street, Chester

City Centre

This is the very heart of the city and home to the historic City Walls of Chester. The famous 'Rows' shops can be found around the Chester High Cross at the top of Bridge Street. Parking is limited and can be costly.

Hoole Road, Chester

Inner City

Just outside of the city centre is Chester's residential area. You can find Victorian guest houses along Hoole Road and the distance to the city centre from this area is a 15 to 30 minutes walk.

Chester Zoo


Explore Chester and find the area's most popular attraction - Chester Zoo - to the north of the city.

National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port

Cheshire West

Cheshire West, part of the unitary authority for Chester, includes the popular attractions of the National Waterways Museum and Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village - both at Ellesmere Port.