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Local Partnerships

Creating Local Partnerships
Creating Local Partnerships

We look to work with community organisations and independent businesses at a local level. We feel that they are the life blood of the city and are what make each city unique.

We need help to keep our sites updated and the idea is to create an independent local committee for each city we feature. This will be formed of tour guides giving information on the best attractions in the city, hoteliers offering advice on the best hotels, shop owners on the best shops, bar owners on the best bars and clubs, restaurant owners on the best restaurants and so on. We also welcome contributions from local writers and photographers. We will be updating information on a monthly basis.

In exchange for your knowledge of the city we can offer free listing on our sites so that your business or attraction can feature at the same level as the national chains. Throughout our websites we offer users the ability to just show independent businesses and our ultimate aim is to create a co-operative website of local businesses. Currently any revenue goes into the development of our websites.

If you would like further information, please contact us. Please give full details about yourself including why your organisation, attraction or business is unique in your city. Due to limited resources we can only reply if we are able to feature you on our websites.