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Birmingham Community Pages

Hall of Memory, Birmingham
Hall of Memory, Birmingham (Photo: Not So Big Media)

Welcome to our Birmingham Community section. Here we will feature information about community groups in Birmingham as well as local websites, charities and places of worship. Our new Enabled pages will feature information for travellers with additional needs.

Birmingham Enabled

Key to the City Enabled Section

Help for those with individual needs

We are adding to every listing details for those with disabilities, or for those who are travelling with a family or with pets, or for those who are senior citizens - our Silver Adventurers! We welcome your comments and feedback to help us improve this information for the benefit of all.

Churches, Cathedrals and Places of Worship

Birmingham Cathedral
Birmingham Cathedral

Peace and contemplation

In this section you'll find information on churches, cathedrals and places of worship in Birmingham, including Birmingham Cathedral in the city centre and the historic St Martin in the Bull Ring church.

Local Birmingham Websites


A different perspective

We've scoured the internet for the best local Birmingham websites. Each one features a unique view which we hope will give visitors a better perspective of the city.

Birmingham Community Groups


Information and campaigns

Community groups are the life and soul of a city and we feature a few of the most interesting ones here.

Local Area Charities


Good causes in Birmingham

Visitors from far and wide often like to donate to local charities in the places that they visit. In this section are a few of our suggestions for you.

Birmingham Community Links