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Health, Safety and Emergency Services

Bristol Central Police Station
Bristol Central Police Station

In this article we feature information about health, hospitals, police and your safety.

The Accident and Emergency Department for Bristol is located in the Bristol Royal Infirmary on Upper Maudlin Street. Bristol has many pharmacies located throughout the city. The main one in the city centre is Boots on Broadmead/The Galleries.

Although Bristol is a relatively safe city, it is known for violence in the central area on a Saturday night when large, drink and drug fuelled 'party' groups descend on the city. You should try to avoid being drawn into any confrontations with such groups and steer clear of them at all times. Dangerous streets on a Saturday night are Baldwin Street, Nelson Street, Trenchard Street and King Street. Dangerous areas at night include Stokes Croft which you should avoid if walking from the city centre. Bristol's Police Station can be found on Rupert Street opposite Bridewell Street.

Last Updated Friday 25 March 2022

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