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Online Business Listing and Advertising

We offer great business and advertising opportunities across our various range of brands. Whether it's an advert online or an advert on one of our Key to the City™ Maps or Student Term Planners, we'll have the right solution for you.

We are also integrated with Google Adwords so if your budget is less than 100 (our minimum charge for an advertising campaign across our websites) then you can simply pay per click through Google.

As well as advertising space, we offer business listings on our websites. Either on Key to the City™ or Key to the City™ Students or both, we charge a listing fee (which covers 12 months) and a small monthly fee if you require a listings photograph. You should note that we are a guide and not a directory so we will only list businesses that are either very popular or offer excellent customer service, or both. In this instance where a fee is paid the review and rating of the business must be carried out independently.

We do not publish sponsored articles for gambling sites or those businesses we feel mislead our users, such as adding a charge for a government service.

If you would like further information, please contact us. Please give full details of what you require and the estimated budget you have allocated for this. Due to limited resources we can only reply if we have full details from you and are able to assist with your enquiry.

Key to the City™

Key to the City™

Key to the City™ is our national tourist information website for the most visited cities in the UK. We are currently adding more cities to the site every year. Click here to go to the website.

Key to the City™ Students

Key to the City™ Students

Key to the City™ Students is our national student information website for the biggest student cities in the UK. We are currently developing this as we add cities to the Key to the City™ website. Click here to go to the test website for Cardiff.