Key to the City™, United Kingdom.

About Us

Not So Big Media is a small media business working at local level in key cities throughout the UK. We look to work in partnership with unique, independent businesses, groups and organisations as well as the best of the national chains. Our aim is to provide the best community websites for tourists, travellers and minority groups.

Our Websites

Key to the City™ is our national tourist information website for the most visited cities in the UK. We also hope to create a dedicated Student version for the biggest student cities in the UK. We are currently adding more cities to the sites and now feature ten cities with more on the way.

Our websites have been completely redesigned from scratch using html5, css3 and php. Some features are so new that we're waiting for web browsers to catch up! To use all features please make sure you have the latest version of your browser. If you use Internet Explorer some features may still not work for you yet - sorry.

Discovering the Best Places

We try to feature the best the city has to offer. From unique, independent businesses to the most popular from the national chains. We're all different so in each city we try to find a variety a places for different budgets and tastes.

With our objective listings, finding the right choice for you should be simple.

Quality Not Quantity

We are very much a guide and not a directory. We feel travellers prefer detailed information on the top twenty businesses rather than a list of one hundred.

Our listings are interactive and feature up to date photos, videos, map links, website links, comments and more. Plus you can save your favourites before you go to create an itinerary for your trip.

Finding Your Feet

We want to help you get to know a city before you arrive. Every time we visit a new city we spend half of our time getting to know the basics - finding our feet.

It is usually our second visit that we start to get a real feel for the city. We want to help make your first experience in a city feel like you've been there before. We aim to be a starting point for you - go and explore!

Location is the Key

We review each city from scratch from the perspective of a visitor arriving in the city for the first time on foot. As such we feel that location is the most important thing.

First we choose a city centre point and then divide the city into easy to follow districts. Knowing precisely where each venue is will help you make the most of your limited time in the city. We don't just know there, we actually go there.

Help Us to Improve Our Information

We warmly welcome feedback and comments from our members to help us improve this community website. Your suggestions will hopefully help many others.

Why not tell us about your favourite attractions, hotels, shops, restaurants or bars that you have discovered? We also welcome submissions from local writers, journalists, bloggers, historians and photographers.